Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management

Programme Overview

Negotiation is a give and take bargaining process that when conducted well, leaves all parties feeling good about the result and committed to achieving it. In this course participants cover both the hard and soft skills of negotiation and conflict management and learn to distinguish between position and interest in the negotiation process. This highly interactive course explores a range of strategies, techniques and steps involved in the process of successful conflict management and negotiation. Amongst others, self-management, comprehensive preparation, systemic analysis and reflection and best alternatives are taught as ways to engage in negotiation and to defuse conflict

Learning Outcomes

  • Define conflict and describe the different viewpoints of conflict
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of emerging conflict
  • Harness the productive and creative energies aroused by properly managed conflict
  • Apply a successful conflict management process to their workplace
  • Identify and address sources of organisational power struggles and politics
  • Explain the impact of conflict on a team/department
  • Describe different negotiation styles and strategies (competitive vs. collaborative, best alternative etc.)
  • Practice skills needed for successful negotiation (communication, managing emotions, self awareness, etc.)
  • List the steps in the negotiation process
  • Explain negotiation mistakes to avoid


  • 2   days contact time including facilitation and group activities.