Alumni Programme

Regenesys Alumni Association

The Regenesys Alumni Association aims to bring together students, staff and graduates to encourage active involvement in a rich community life through social, intellectual and educational activities. For students and graduates of Regenesys, it is an opportunity to extend networks and leverage off local and global connections.

Regenesys embraces an extensive community of diverse people and experiences. Those who have passed through the corridors of Regenesys have enjoyed a close association with us. We are very proud of our accomplishments and of our students.

In order to enhance this ongoing relationship, Regenesys is providing a platform for meaningful interaction and communication. We want to reinvigorate our engagement with past students through the launch of Regenesys Alumni.

Who should register?

Any learner who has graduated from Regenesys in the last 16 years.

Why should I register?

We need our alumni to work with us to ensure that we can continue producing world class leaders who make a meaningful impact. We want to distinguish Regenesys graduates as the very best. The network aims to create a sense of belonging for members, fostering support and wellbeing.

Being a privately funded institution, there is an increasing need to promote philanthropy in order to fund research and create a climate that encourages growth, expansion and sustainability.

As a valued advocate of Regenesys we invite you to engage with us on these issues and contribute to a legacy that will touch lives and awaken potential.

It is important that we constantly improve our service delivery and understand the value that our programmes add. We would greatly appreciate if you would kindly submit your new or updated email address so we can engage with you on the latest Regenesys happenings.