Momentum Retail Sector CEO Frank Magwegwe explains how CSR can make your brand meaningful

Momentum Retail Sector CEO, Frank Magwegwe credits corporate social responsibility for getting him off the streets and into the boardroom. He is speaking at Regenesys on October 29 at 6pm about how companies can work with CSR to improve efficiency and financial figures.

Most agree that corporate citizenship is important but few understand how it can give their organisation the competitive advantage and make it more profitable. To this end, The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices select the performances of the world’s sustainability leaders on economic, environmental and social criteria.

Research has found that 73% of people wouldn’t care if brands disappeared tomorrow; only 20% of brands make a significant, positive effect on people’s wellbeing and meaningful brands outperform the market by 120%.

Frank says, “I will argue that active corporate citizenship in South Africa is compelling, and business leaders must look carefully at how their companies are engaged, consider what more they can do, and act.”

After a brief stint on the streets, a fruit and vegetable business and a career as a risk manager and derivatives trader, Frank moved up the business ladder and will be sharing his financial advice at Regenesys on October 29. Tickets are limited so book now!

Date: Thursday, 29 October 2015
Where: Regenesys Business School, 4 Pybus Rd, Sandton
Time: 18:00 – 19:30
Cost: R100
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About Frank Magwegwe: He completed a first class MSc in Financial Mathematics at the University of Pretoria in 2002. His dissertation, “Modelling Default-Risky Bonds” examined the structural and reduced-form models used to value default-risky bonds.

Frank is passionate about ideas, South Africa and personal finance. Frank is the founder of Inspire Belief, a registered non-profit organisation (NPO), striving for social transformation through education in Orange Farm. Frank recently completed the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School and is currently a doctoral student in personal financial planning at Kansas State University.

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