Make money and augment your business presence with an MBA (Pule Molebeledi)

Regenesys MBA graduate Pule Molebeledi has found that his MBA has given him respect among his peers. He says an MBA is “a toolkit that is cost-effective, required and a must-have for any young leader who fancies himself as a player”.

Make money and augment your business presence with an MBA

When Pule Molebeledi completed his MBA degree, he found amazing goodwill from colleagues, stakeholders and the broader community. He was given greater responsibilities and his wage packet increased accordingly.


“An MBA is a prerequisite for any PulwMolebeledi serious, ambitious young person and assists to validate, augment and amplify your presence within your environment.” The studies helped him to develop process thinking, enhanced his emotional intelligence, gave him the ability to discern and analyse and anticipate problems, and generate solutions.

“I was humbled and transformed, and came out a better person,” said the former Business Day journalist who also sold advertising for CNBC. He joined Harith, the SA-based infrastructure firm with a Pan-African outlook and soon found he wanted to progress his education.

He was working full-time while father to a three-year-old and his wife was also studying, when he began his studies at Regenesys.
“It was an arduous cycle of balancing demanding deadlines, work pressure, school work and the sacrifices that come with it. I struggled a bit – but despite all this – I would do it again!” Evening classes, weekend studies and sheer hard work were how he tackled his MBA.

“It managed to stretch me in a very positive way and gave me a lot of confidence to tackle aspects of my work, while contemplating the outcome. Professionally and personally, it’s been very, very rewarding.”

He is still in touch with some of the colleagues he met while studying. “We established quality relationships as we shared the pain (of studying) equally – it helped us to form an alliance, a bond,” he said.

Asked when the time is right to do an MBA, Pule replied immediately, “I would say there is no better time like today to come in and do it!”

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